[PD] ANN: New Pd-L2Ork x86_64 and Raspberry Pi release now available together with comprehensive how-to

rolfm at dds.nl rolfm at dds.nl
Thu Jun 6 04:30:44 CEST 2013

Ivica Bukvic <ico at vt.edu> schreef:

> Forgot to mention, building your own is a simple three-step process:
> 1) get the source from git
> 2) run the apt-get command found on L2Ork's software page to install Dev
> libraries (simply copy and paste it into terminal)
> 3) in the source tree cd into l2ork_addons/ folder and run:
> ./tar_em_up.sh -B
> Go get a lunch/coffee, come back in an hour and install your own brand new
> pd-l2ork  (it will be located two folders up so you will have to type cd
> ../../ to get there)

hi ivica,

following your guidelines i get some errors and no result.
my system is in dutch, but i think the errors are clear.

in the beginning there is this:

./tar_em_up.sh: regel 125: git: opdracht niet gevonden
./tar_em_up.sh: regel 126: git: opdracht niet gevonden

the lines in question are:
		git submodule init
		git submodule update

lateron the proces ends with these lines:


make[1]: *** Er is geen regel om doel  
'/home/rolfm/Downloads/pd-master/Gem/configure' te maken, nodig voor  
'/home/rolfm/Downloads/pd-master/Gem/src/.libs/Gem.pd_linux'.  Gestopt.
make[1]: Map '/home/rolfm/Downloads/pd-master/packages' wordt verlaten
make: *** [install] Fout 2

fakeroot dpkg-deb --build  
getopt: onbekende optie '--build'     <<"unknown option">>
fakeroot, create a fake root environment.
    usage: fakeroot [-l|--lib fakerootlib] [-f|--faked fakedbin]
                    [-i file] [-s file] [-u|--unknown-is-real]
		   [-b|--fd-base fd] [-h|--help] [-v|--version]
                    [--] [command]
make: *** [deb] Fout 1
move full installer...
mv: kan status van ?*.deb? niet opvragen: Bestand of map bestaat niet


any suggestions?

i am on Ubuntu 12.04


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