[PD] multiblob tracking in Gem while objects keep their IDs

Max abonnements at revolwear.com
Thu Jun 6 20:49:37 CEST 2013

Am 06.06.2013 um 18:18 schrieb Jack <jack at rybn.org>:
> Hello Max,
> I have the same results than Antoine.
> A screenshot is attached.
> Configuration :
> Ubuntu 13.04, Pd 0.44.3, Gem ver: 0.93.git 374f713.

I just tested it with another machine
Windows Pd-ext 0.43 / Gem 0.92
Windows Pd-ext 0.44 / Gem 0.93.3
both work as expected.

I'm wondering if it really could be your unreleased Gem version. Could you try a precompiled stock version instead?


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