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Jonathan Wilkes jancsika at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 7 23:03:05 CEST 2013

Hello list,
     I've now got the audio dialog and midi dialog of the new Pd Preferences menu working.

Now it's time for the GUI dialog.  Some questions:

1.  Are there hooks for saving gui preferences to the Pd settings file?  I don't see anything
in Vanilla.  Has pd-l2ork implemented those hooks?

2.  What options should be available in the GUI dialog?
3.  How should it update?  Immediately after the user makes a choice?
4.  How should these settings interact with settings from within the patch?  The only workable solution I see is that things should just "work as they work", probably meaning that patchlevel options (which are presumably loadbanged into being) would supersede the GUI dialog settings.  And I can put a "Refresh" or "Apply" button in the dialog so the user can manually override.

Here's a start for the options:
1) canvas bg color
2) font color/size/face
3) text selection color
4) wire color
5) box outline color
6) box fill color
7) xlet color
8) active xlet color
9) link color (for pddplink/helplink)

And also
0) Dropdown list of presets for whatever people might want quick access to like: Ubuntu x.x, Linux Mint, high contrast, inverted from default (black bg with white text).  (At least I don't know a way to get tk to inherit GNU/Linux themes so this would be a workaround for that.)
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