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>On 2013-06-13 00:51, mike.jt at centrum.cz wrote:
>> Now - straight lines or terrible messy.

>or a structured patch.

>i haven't yet come across a patch that has been more readable because
>of rounded corners or bezier lines.

Segmented patch cords don't have to have rounded corners nor be
made of bezier curves.

As for segmented straight lines...

They improve readability in situations where a straightforward, structured
patch ends up with a line crossing over and obscuring text.  Obscuring text
with lines makes it harder to read words.  Making it harder to read words
causes eye strain.  That ultimately wastes the time of everyone who reads
the patch who doesn't have a fresh memory of how the patch got created.
(Which, after more than a few hours away from the patch, includes the
patch author, too.)

If a cord can make a 90-degree turn to route around text _and_ avoid
introducing a visual ambiguity _and_ avoid complicating the dataflow, then
it's helpful.  If you think a single 90-degree turn in a patch cord cannot
achieve all three then you must have a hard time reading flow diagrams
in general.


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