[PD] pd color presets

Jonathan Wilkes jancsika at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 15 23:17:14 CEST 2013

Hi List,
     Almost finished with a working version of GUI preferences for patches.
It allows:

1) choose your own default colors for common types of items on a canvas,
like object borders, (non-iemgui) text, xlets, canvas bg, etc.
2) choose a preset from a dropdown list to immediately change all colors to
some kind of common theme.  I just have "inverted" right now, which is
white objects on black bg.  But there could be "pd-extended", "vanilla", and
whatever else would be nice for quick, two-click access.
3) global array called ::pd_colors that controls the colors.  So you can change
$::pd_colors(selected) orange and all the canvas items that are tagged as
selected will turn orange.  (Plus the menubuttons in the gui dialog will update
to reflect the new color.)

Question 1:
How do I hook this into Yvan Volochine's gui-prefs stuff?  It currently only saves
recent files-- is there a guide on how to add more gui preferences?

Question 2:
I've seen screenshots of patches where people obviously dug into the c code and
changed colors to achieve some scheme.  If you have one you'd like to appear
in the dropdown list, send me the colors for canvas items and I'll add a preset.

These colors don't change any of the dialogs or main Pd window, btw.

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