[PD] multiblob tracking in Gem while objects keep their IDs

Antoine Villeret antoine.villeret at gmail.com
Sun Jun 16 12:19:04 CEST 2013


pix_multiblob algorithm changes just after the 0.93.3 release in november
Ricardo Fabbri made those changes so maybe he is the best person to help us
figuring out where the "bug" is, if this is really a bug

since the algorithm changed I'm not so surprised that the same patch with
the same parameters doesn't work in both case

if pix_multiblob should be backward compatible, could it be possible to
rename the Ricardo's version to pix_multiblob2 or something else and to
restore the 0.93.3's version in the Gem's main trunk ?
or is it better to put the two algorithms in the same pix_multiblob object
and select it with a [mode( message or something else ?



do it yourself

2013/6/15 IOhannes m zmölnig <zmoelnig at iem.at>

> On 06/15/13 16:03, Max wrote:
> > So that is a confirmed Gem problem. I don't see the point to work with
> that object any more, now that I know that the new version breaks backward
> compatibility. I want to be able to make a patch that works with whatever
> gem version : (
> i think that' a bitter conclusion to draw.
> obviously the object should be backwards compatible, and it being not is
> a bug.
> rather than ranting about "not seeing the point any mor" it would be
> good to help fix the bug.
> fgdstn
> IOhannes
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