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>Looking at this now.  I notice that _pipe in windows even allows you to
specify buffer size which linux and MacOS don't.  It might be a major

>OTOH the major hassle is figuring out how to create and manage the sub-process
in Windows which has no wait() function.  I fear people finding dozens of
marauding pd processes running around.

Hm, I didn't look at that part at all.  Since you're looking at this I'll revisit the
topic later tonight and see if there are any other hints out there in the intersphere.

Short digression-- after writing the Flext mingw build tutorial I've become much
more understanding of Sevy's approach of actively not supporting Windows.  I
don't agree with it, as I think so much of Pd already runs adequately on Windows
to warrant pd~, too, in order to offer free software to as many users as possible.
But his was certainly a valid, compelling, and time-saving approach. :)


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