[PD] pd~ in windows

Miller Puckette msp at ucsd.edu
Mon Jun 17 19:06:27 CEST 2013

There's already code in s_inter.c dating from 1997-ish that does the windows
version of a fork/exec so I really just have to go back and try to relearn
it :)

And now that there's reactOS (W2K compatible open source OS) I don't see any
reason to hesitate supporting windows-ish stuff.  These days it looks as if
Apple is the new Microsoft.


On Sun, Jun 16, 2013 at 12:39:31PM -0700, Jonathan Wilkes wrote:
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> >Looking at this now.  I notice that _pipe in windows even allows you to
> specify buffer size which linux and MacOS don't.  It might be a major
> advantage.
> >OTOH the major hassle is figuring out how to create and manage the sub-process
> in Windows which has no wait() function.  I fear people finding dozens of
> marauding pd processes running around.
> Hm, I didn't look at that part at all.  Since you're looking at this I'll revisit the
> topic later tonight and see if there are any other hints out there in the intersphere.
> Short digression-- after writing the Flext mingw build tutorial I've become much
> more understanding of Sevy's approach of actively not supporting Windows.  I
> don't agree with it, as I think so much of Pd already runs adequately on Windows
> to warrant pd~, too, in order to offer free software to as many users as possible.
> But his was certainly a valid, compelling, and time-saving approach. :)
> -Jonathan
> >cheers
> Miller

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