[PD] how to install and use GPIO external

Julian Brooks jbeezez at gmail.com
Tue Jun 18 12:48:14 CEST 2013

"i'm not very familiar with the specific help-patch, but i do know a
bit of Pd"

The joy of understatement.


sounds like you haven't compiled the external yet.

My memory (and I'm guessing here, don't have a Pi to confirm atm) is this:
from the command line
cd (change directory) to the gpio folder (wherever you've put it on the pI)
and type 'make'.  Check the command line doesn't spit any errors and in
theory there should be a gpio external sat in the gpio folder at the end of

Maybe you've done this already and it's compiled happily?

In that case you need to tell Pd where the external is - a good place to
put it would be in the 'externals' folder.  puredata.info is your friend



On 18 June 2013 08:18, IOhannes m zmoelnig <zmoelnig at iem.at> wrote:

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> On 2013-06-17 22:03, Josh Downing wrote:
> > How do I install this external? I can open the gpio-help.pd file
> > in pure data but when I try to open it I get the attached error
> > message (pd_error_message.png).
> <meta>
> for the future, would you mind posting the *text* of the error message
> into your mail, rather than creating a snapshot?
> it allows users who read their emails in text-based mail readers to
> understand your question and eventually answer it.
> also it does not waste bandwidth for no extra information...
> </meta>
> what's the content of gpio.l_i386?
> what does "ls -l gpio.l_i386" show?
> what does "ldd gpio.l_i386" show?
> > (gpio_help_configuration.png) for how I configured Jaime's
> > gpio-help.pd
> the main problem you have, is that the object does not create (dashed
> border), so it doesn't do anything.
> apart from that, how does your screenshot differ from the original
> help-patch?
> i'm not very familiar with the specific help-patch, but i do know a
> bit of Pd, and might be able to help if i could understand the problem.
> fgamsdr
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