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András Murányi muranyia at gmail.com
Fri Jun 21 02:20:41 CEST 2013

On Fri, Jun 21, 2013 at 12:36 AM, Ivica Ico Bukvic <ico at vt.edu> wrote:

>  On 06/20/2013 11:35 AM, András Murányi wrote:
> On Thu, Jun 20, 2013 at 3:56 PM, Ivica Ico Bukvic <ico at vt.edu> wrote:
>>  I am still in the process of cleaning up externals to make sure they
>> are stable and robust enough to be included. This is a time-consuming
>> process. Some of the work was already started by a colleague Stephen Carl
>> but a lot more work remains. If you (or anyone else) would like to
>> contribute to this process, we do have a google doc up that goes through
>> each external and annotates what needs to be done (e.g. is it stable, does
>> it have robust documentation, like the one Jonathan has been working on, is
>> it a GUI object that needs additional changes to make it "accelerated"
>> within pd-l2ork etc.). That said, I think iem lib should be included as far
>> as I can tell (but may be wrong as well). extra folder does have a
>> collection of iem* subfolders, but I am not sure which specific object is
>> missing. If you can send me specific list of objects missing I can
>> investigate further.
>  Well, not a definite list, but:
>  - moonlib and flatspace: are in the sources, not compiled by default,
> but added to LIB_TARGETS in externals/Makefile can be compiled, installed
> and they do work,
> Those have been disabled in pd-l2ork as they have way too many problems or
> are redundant. Please correct me if I am missing something.

I use moonlib/mknob which is unique because you can set its
characteristics, which is the way it reacts to mouse movements.
The flatspace/knob object is more simplistic, but without either, there's
only vslider and hslider.
There's also flatspace/comport, I'm not aware if there is a better

>    - loaders(/libdir): in the sources, not compiled by default, I
> compiled and installed it manually, and it works,
> I have that one just fine.

I didn't!

>   - miXed(/toxy): in the sources, not compiled by default, I compiled it
> manually and installed it even more manually (ie make install doesn't
> work), and I only tested 'widget', which party works. I need it badly
> though, and 'widget popop', which I use, happens to work. Definitely needs
> some massaging to be included.
> Ditto for these just like flatspace and moonlib.

Yeah they are in a bad shape but 'miXed/toxy/widget popup' is the last
fully functioning dropdown combo box I can get.

>    - iem*: are in the sources, seem to be not compiled by default - and
> this is where I chose to write to the list so cannot yet tell about
> compile/install.
> What about all the iem* folders inside the extra/ folder? What objects
> exactly are missing? I have:
> iem16
> iem_adaptfilt
> iem_ambi
> iem_bin_ambi
> iem_delay
> iemgui
> iemguts
> iemlib
> iemmatrix
> iem_roomsim
> iem_spec2
> iem_tab
> iemxmlrpc
I don't have these.

> Are you by any chance running a self-built deb? If so, have you made sure
> to install all the dev libs? Seems to me if you've built your own binaries
> that you may have not successfully built all the libs and that something
> has silently failed. Checking the build log may shed some light as to what
> is going on.

I used tar_em_up.sh -F (then untar and make install)
which produced the following in /usr/local/lib/pd-l2ork (I've removed the
manually built ones from the list):
adaptive                   expr~             parazit-help.pd
array2list.pd              expr~.pd_linux    parazit.pd
arrayreset.pd              expr.pd_linux     patch_name-help.pd
arraysize                  ext13             patch_name.pd_linux
bassemu~                   fexpr~.pd_linux   pd~
boids                      fiddle~           pd-wavelet
bonk~                                        pique
bsaylor                    Gem               pixeltango
choice                     hilbert~-help.pd  purepd
complex-mod~-help.pd       hilbert~.pd       README.txt
complex-mod~.pd            jmmmp             rev1-final.pd
comport                    K12               rev1~-help.pd
controctopus               la-kitchen        rev1~.pd
creb                                         rev1-stage.pd
cxc                        list-abs          rev2~-help.pd
cyclone                    loop~             rev2~.pd
disis_netreceive-help.pd   lrshift~          rev3~-help.pd
disis_netreceive.pd_linux  Makefile.am       rev3~.pd
disis_netsend-help.pd      makefile.subdir   rradical
disis_netsend.pd_linux     memento           rtc
disis_phasor~-help.pd      memento-p         sfruit
disis_phasor~.pd_linux                       sigmund~
disis_wiimote-help.pd                        spectdelay~-help.pd
disis_wiimote.pd_linux     nsend             spectdelay~.pd_linux
earplug~                   output~-help.pd   stdout
ekext                      output~.pd        timestretch

btw the original LIB_TARGETS = adaptive arraysize bassemu boids bsaylor
comport creb cxc cyclone earplug ekext ext13 freeverb ggee hcs iem_ambi
iem_bin_ambi iemlib iemgui iemguts iem_adaptfilt iemmatrix iemxmlrpc
iem_delay iem_roomsim iem_spec2 iem_tab jasch_lib loaders-hexloader
loaders-libdir mapping markex maxlib mjlib moocow motex mrpeach oscx pan
pdcontainer pddp pdogg plugin pmpd sigpack smlib tof unauthorized vanilla
vbap windowing zexy flext

The dev libs were installed according to the l2ork web page, and none of
them were unavailable.
As for the build log, is there one? Or you meant the console output?


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