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Tue Jun 25 12:21:52 CEST 2013

On Tue, Jun 25, 2013 at 6:16 AM, Philippe Boisnard <philemon1 at mac.com>wrote:

> Hello
> To continue this question, perhaps, this preview can be create between 2
> instances of puredata, with sharemem to transmit data colours. In this
> case, we ll no cpu problem for the first instance. and only preview-process
> in the second.
> I try to create that this week to explore this solution. In this case, it
> will be possible to have better preview quality. isn't it ?
> best

Hi philippe,
times ago I explored this solution form my preQiew[1] abstraction and it
works maybe a bit faster than a same istance aproach but not so much.
In my experience the faster solution for an in patch preview solution was
pix_preview or using gridflow and convert gem  pix to gridflow list.
Actuallly this was the method I used most in my workshops until an
installer package of gridflow was available.
Still I'm curious to know about your experiments

[1] https://code.autistici.org/trac/planetQ/wiki/preQiew
"l'importante nella vita é avere pregiudizi a priori su tutto"

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