[PD] electro-mechanical piano (player piano) - Arduino, Solenoid Issue

Epic Jefferson jeffreyconcepcion at gmail.com
Wed Jun 26 16:56:26 CEST 2013

Charles Z Henry & batinste:
I need the project to be pd controlled, i could try multiplexing but i
haven't found info yet on how to control multiplexed pins via pd.

Peter Venus:
i've been in contact with Winfried, and was about to purchase one of his
older systems but haven't heard from him in a while. Working on plan B.

that was good work but again, pd is a must and servos are extremely loud.

Charles Goyard:
i've been able to control solenoid velocity with pwm via pd, this is also
how Winfried does it. Also, motors are way too loud, as I told Olivier.
That's why i'm investigating daisy chaining the arduinos, i'm basically
emulating Winfried's system, but replacing his Escher micro-controller with
arduino Mega's.
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