[PD] Where is vanilla's makefile and other stuff located?

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On Wed, Jun 26, 2013 at 11:24 AM, IOhannes m zmoelnig <zmoelnig at iem.at>wrote:

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> On 2013-06-26 09:56, Alexandros Drymonitis wrote:
> > I realised what happened. I've downloaded Pd from Ubuntu software
> > center and it installed everything where it's supposed to go. What
> > now confuses me a bit is that in the software center you can find
> > the following: puredata, puredata-core and puredata-gui. If you go
> > for puredata-core it advices you to also download puredata-gui. If
> > you go for gui, it advices you to download puredata-core, or even
> > puredata...
> yes.
> the debian packages are split into multiple packages, so you only have
> to install what you need)
> - - "puredata-core" is the DSP-engine only (no gui)
> - - "puredata-gui"  is the GUI only (not DSP,messages,...)
> - - "puredata" is a meta-package that depends on both (and more, like
> puredata-utils (providing the "pdsend" utility) and "puredata-dev"
> needed, if you want to compile your externals)

I've got both puredata-utils and puredata-dev installed..

> most users will simply want to install "puredata" and get everything.
> those that do not want *everything* but most everything, will go and
> install "puredata-core" and "puredata-gui".
> those that do not need no gui, might be happy with just puredata-core.
> > Well, I've downloaded puredata and it's working (although it
> > crashes if I try to open the 'Test audio and midi' patch),
> it should never "crash" (as in: "close the application")
> > and it's located at /usr/bin/
> yes, since "puredata" is managed by the package manager, it should go
> into /usr
> > and the rest are located at /usr/lib/puredata (btw, it's version
> > 0..43.0-4,
> yep. this is in order to allow pd-vanilla, pd-extended and pd-l2ork
> coexist on the same installation.
> > not the current...), but still no icon, still this warning at the
> > Pd
> i guess it is time to ask what you mean by this.
> i get a nice icon when selecting "Applications->Multimedia->Pure Data"

Well, I meant when I'm running two applications (say Firefox and Pd) and I
change between them, I Alt + Tab (I was mistaken, not Ctl + Tab), and to
see which app you're switching to, you get the app's logo. Pd doesn't show
a logo there...although it does have a logo on the Launcher...thought that
there might be something missing there.

> > window: WARNING: Font family 'Courier' not found, using default
> > (DejaVu Sans Mono)
> yes. is his a problem?

Not really, I don't mind the font, just thought of mentioning it.

> > and still no makefile (I guess the software center took care of
> > it).
> not really (but kind of).
> debian (and derivatives like ubuntu) provide packages in binary
> (precompiled on some vast build farms) form. these binary packages
> (usually) do not come with source code and build system.
> the distro guarantees, that you can get the source code is needed (but
> that you need not bother with it if you don't).
> other distributions like gentoo or arch will ship packages directly as
> sourcecode and the packagemanger will compile/install them locally.
> and your "software center" is simply an eye candy front-end to the
> systems package manager.
> > Well, I'm sticking to the makefile cause I'm going through Lyon's
> > 'Designing audio objects for max and pd' and he's making use of
> > Pd's makefile when compiling an object...so I guess I'll need it,
> > right?
> well, yes, but mostly no.
> first of all: you will need *some* makefile (or other build system) to
> build your external.
> you do **not** need the makefile needed to build Pd - after all, you
> want to build an external and not Pd itself, no?
> Pd comes with a wee bit of documentation on how to build externals
> (including a...Makefile, named 'makefile'). on debian, this doc is
> included in the puredata-doc package (aptly named, as it holds the
> documentation for Pd) and you can find it in
>  /usr/share/puredata/doc/6.externs/
> (copy the entire directory into your home, in order to work on it)
> but then, the Makefile you will find there is not very nice.
> there is a *very* nice Makefile for building externals available at [1].
> it is in daily use for building many external libraries out there
> (unlike the documentation makefile that comes with pd, which basically
> hasn't been touched for 10 years or more)
> > IOhannes, at puredata.info I can only find vanilla 0.44.0 (for
> > Linux, there's a version for RPi, is it good for a laptop as
> > well?).
> if your laptop has an ARM processor, it probably is.
> since the former is unlikely, you will have to get "Pure Data for All
> platforms", which contains the source.
> > Where can I find the 0.44.3 package?
> >
> apart from that: miller is putting his releases on his personal
> webpage [2], and puredata.info is synched whenever someone finds the
> time to do it.
> fgmasdr
> IOhannes
> [1] https://svn.code.sf.net/p/pure-data/svn/trunk/externals/template/
> [2] http://crca.ucsd.edu/~msp/software.html
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