[PD] pd-extended crashes sending data to SSR with tcpclient

Iain Mott mott at reverberant.com
Sat Jun 29 20:19:44 CEST 2013

Hi list,

Pd-extended (Pd-0.43.1 "extended-20120430" compiled 00:31:34 Apr 30
2012) is crashing when I send data to the SoundScape Renderer on Ubuntu
12.04 using tcpclient.

I'm using the latest SSR from here:

but the crashing occurs with the older version ssr-0.3.4 as well. Once,
Pd produced the following error message on crashing, but generally
doesn't give any clues:

pdsend errorname: >>error writing "sock8": connection reset by peer<<

I've been able to simulate the crash with a simplified set up. If anyone
can please have a look, I'd be very grateful. The archive is uploaded


To test it, you'd need to unzip the file, enter into the directory the
directory with the extracted files, then, assuming the latest SSR is
installed and jack is running at 44.1kHz, run:

ssr-binaural  rei_voz4.asd &

in order to launch ssr with a scene.

Then, if your pd-extended is not installed as /usr/bin/pd-extended,
you'll need to edit the path in startpd.sh to suit. Then run:


Once Pd is open, first click "localhost" (see yellow region #1) to make
the connection with SSR, then wiggle the vertical slider (near yellow
region #2) wildly until Pd crashes. At least, that's what happens to me.
Some times it may take up to 30 sec or a minute to crash - or not at
all. Usually it crashes in less than 15 sec. Pds audio processing does
not have to be on for the crash to occur.

Can anyone replicate the crash? 

Suggestions welcome!



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