[PD] Extended view toolkit: texture coordinate

Peter Venus news at petervenus.de
Thu Jul 4 16:52:35 CEST 2013

Am 04.07.13 11:47, schrieb Husk 00:
> Hi Peter and list,

Hi Husk

> I finally had time to explore extended view  toolkit and it's
> really working well...congratulations!
> There is something still I miss: how the texture coordinates works.
> What units do
> they uses?
The units used for texture-coordinates are pixel.
As you can see in the example you mentioned, all 3 projection modules 
get their texture information via the (texture id)-outlet from the 
Now, the framebuffer´s size is given in pixel, here 1024 by 1024, so if 
you want a projection-module dispplay the whole framebuffer, its 
texture-coordinates should range from 0 to 1024 to display the whole 
content of the framebuffer.
If you now introduce a second projection-module and you want both 
displaying a portion of the framebuffer, say, one should display the 
left half, the other the right half of the whole framebuffer,
you have to set the texture-coordinates ranging from 0 to 512(x) for the 
left half, and to 512 to 1024 for the right half of the framebuffer.
I hope this makes sense to you.

How do I relate one projection panel to another to share content
> between them?

see above
> Let's say I want  to add a floor to your
>   04_ev_example_3d.PD: what coordinates I should
>   put (for example) to connect  the floor  with the left projection panel?
can you explain further, what you want to do?

> Thanks in advance
> husk

you are welcome.

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