[PD] [PD-announce] PuREST JSON 0.13.0 released

Thomas Mayer thomas at residuum.org
Wed Jul 10 19:43:12 CEST 2013


I am happy to announce version 0.13.0 of PuREST JSON, code name: heady stuff

PuREST JSON is a library for working with RESTful HTTP webservices, and
JSON data.

Authentication and authorization for webservices are available with
basic HTTP auth, cookie authentication, and OAuth. As an example for
OAuth authenticated webservices, a Twitter client is included.

Changes in this version:
- Setting HTTP headers possible
- Cancelling of requests possible while waiting (experimental)
- Switched Makefile to libary template 1.0.14
- Semantic versioning

Cancelling requests is still an experimental feature, it will not work
reliably and most probably still contains memory leaks. But as real
cancellation may involve a lot of refactoring, I have released this
version anyway.

Github repository: https://github.com/residuum/PuRestJson
Source code packages: https://github.com/residuum/PuRestJson/releases
Binaries for Windows and Debian i386, amd64, and armhf:
Build instructions for all platforms:

Have fun,
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