[PD] pdlv2 - yes, it's what it reads

batinste dwanafite at yahoo.fr
Mon Jul 15 17:37:08 CEST 2013

Hi list

We all know that jackd is great.
Well, for some things, it's really great. What i don't like is having to 
deal with it when i want to work with pd effects/instruments in ardour.
We had pdvst. It was working, kind of.
I wondered several times : "we have libpd and lv2, who will come with 
some tool to embed pd in a lv2 plugin, so i can copy-paste|drag'n drop 
my own plugins and instruments, recall sessions without a session 
manager, and whatnot ?"

Well, someone heard me, but there's some work left to do :



makes simple Puredata (pd) patches useable as LV2 plugins utilizing 
libpd and lv2 libraries. Linux only at the moment.

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