[PD] playing long audio files

Фывапр Олджэвич tofuckof at inbox.ru
Fri Jul 19 03:49:41 CEST 2013

 Dear List !

I made this patch to play long stereo audio file. You can load audiofile and play, but before - reset the sizes of tables. 

BUT, it plays only one stereo file in my Vanilla. So when i played one file and try to load another: i push the RESET-bang .. and PD crushes totally.. 

I can't understand the logic of it at all.. When the same algorithm is done with one table (mono play) - resetting works.. when it is two tables - it crushes.

Please somebody look into the patch and try yourself - it is simple and commented inside. What can i do ?

Thanks !

Понедельник, 15 июля 2013, 2:55 +02:00 от Colet Patrice <colet.patrice at free.fr>:
>Le 15/07/2013 02:34, Фывапр Олджэвич a écrit :
>> Can i somehow load and play 1 hour of HQ audio into [soundfiler], for 
>> example ? What are the ways to do that with basic (vanilla) PD ? 
>Also you may want to use [readsf~] instead

Максим Иванов
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