[PD] Listen to GISS.tv stream in Pure Data

Benjamin ~ 01xy benjah at free.fr
Mon Jul 22 00:00:13 CEST 2013


On linux (debian) I use readanysf~ to listen to streams, this object is
in the official repository, on ubuntu, you may have to use this ppa


Le 19/07/2013 21:35, Antonio Roberts a écrit :
> Can anyone tell me how to listen to a giss.tv stream using Pure Data (on LInux)
> I've tried mp3amp~ and it won't connect and throws me the following error:
> mp3amp~: getting canvas
> mp3amp~: initializing decoder...
> mp3amp~: connecting to http:/giss.tv:8000/blurfm.mp3
> mp3amp~: connected  : socket opened
> mp3amp~: select done
> mp3amp~: send done
> mp3amp~ : received 105 bytes at 0
> mp3amp~: cannot connect to the (default) stream
> Thanks
> Antonio

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