[PD] [SPAM] Re: gpio on the raspberry pi from within pd ?

Dan Nigrin dan at defectiverecords.com
Wed Jul 24 14:56:31 CEST 2013

On 7/24/13 7:16 AM, "Charles Goyard" <cg at fsck.fr> wrote:

>J Oliver wrote:
>> > So from your post, it seems quite straightforward to be able to
>> > access the GPIO pins from within Pd.  But I need to be able to
>> > create variable voltages (between 0 and 5v) on those pins.  In the
>> > post above, you mentioned that you send a float to the gpio object
>> > to write a value to the pin - would sending a 0.5 for example give
>> > me 2.5v on the pin?  Or is it only on/off (0 or 5v)?   If the
>> > former, I'm all set!  If the latter, I'll need to figure out how to
>> > simulate a reduced voltage at the pin (likely using PWM or something
>> > ­ but I'm not really sure how I would do thatŠ)
>You can add a resistor and capacitor to build a RC filter, and you'll
>get a voltage out of pwm. You will have to experiment with different
>values to get something stable and fast enough.
>See these pages for some information about that:
>As of 3.3V to 5V you can use a transistor before the RC filter.

Thank you, those links are very helpful!!

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