[PD] building Pd vanilla with mingw

Colet Patrice colet.patrice at free.fr
Fri Jul 26 04:13:08 CEST 2013


Le 26/07/2013 02:33, Jonathan Wilkes a écrit :
> Hello list,
>      Before I go down yet another infinitely deep rabbit hole, has 
> anyone actually compiled a _working_ Pd 0.44 Vanilla using mingw?
> If so, what did you do other than
> a) avoiding compiling in a directory that has spaces somewhere in the 
> path (really? in 2013 this is still a problem?)
> b) ./autogen and make
last time I tried to modify the build system for having this command 
working successfully, it didn't work, now I couldn't find the time for 
another try on libtoolize, but...

If you have installed ASIOSDK2 into asio folder this command should work:

make -f makefile.mingw

compiles fine with latest pd-vanilla sources,

make -f makefile.mingw install

it copies some things into mingw/pd,

cd /usr/local/pd/bin && pd.com

spawnl: No such file or directory
c:\MinGW\pd\bin\wish85.exe: couldn't load TCL

I guess that it's just a matter of copying tcl-tk binaries and scripts 
at the right place:

cd /usr/local/bin && cp wish85.exe tcl85.dll /usr/local/pd/bin && cd 
/usr/local/pd/bin && pd.com

Good guess, pd is loading and warning up my firewall but there is a 
dialog box coming with an error message:

couldn't read file "c:\MinGW\pd\tcl\pd-gui.tcl": no such file or directory

I guess that I have to copy the tcl folder from the archive...

cp -r ~/pd/tcl /usr/local/pd

another error message: "can't find package dde"

I couldn't find anywhere this dde package, even the sources, but it's 
located into pd-vanilla binaries archive, so I copy dde folder into 

Now it's working, I open Help -> About pd to check if it's the good 
version, the font are tiny but it's the good one...

So this makefile.mingw works but misses externals (bonk~ and sigmund~) 
and doesn't copy all files at the right place

Hope this helps,

Good luck.

> I must be doing something wrong because it's complaining about missing 
> functions relating to pd-watchdog, and if I'm not mistaken pd-watchdog 
> doesn't even run on Windows.
> Thanks,
> Jonathan
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