[PD] Reverse Kickstarter Update

Jonathan Wilkes jancsika at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 26 19:11:21 CEST 2013

Hi List,
      Update on the Preferences dialog window for Pd.

* Now it has a "Help" button with a first stab at help patches for 
"Audio", "Midi", and "GUI" prefs
* Works in OSX and Windows as well as GNU/Linux
* On OSX, lives in Apple "Preferences" menu
* Looks native on OSX and Windows and looks not-so-terrible under X11
* Includes a general purpose "dropdown" widget that looks native on OSX 
and Windows can be used for other parts of Pd
* Includes a "dropdown_by_index" widget to associate a variable with 
index instead of label

* precompiled demo binaries to try out:

1) pdprefswindows - 0.44-3 built on Windows XP.  Unzip, find the "bin" 
directory and double-click pd to run.
2) pdprefslinux32 - 0.44-3 built with Debian Jessie on 32-bit arch. 
untar and run "./pd" in the "pd" directory.
3) pdprefslinux64 - 0.44-3 built with Debian Wheezy on amd64 arch. untar 
and run  "./pd" in the "pd" directory.

(Note: windows version fixes the "Use multiple devices" button by 
greying it out unless your machine supports
multiple cards.)

No OSX app yet, but ini the meantime you can download any of the above, 
make clean and try compiling yourself.

***Reverse Kickstarter***

In true "Reverse Kickstarter"[1] fashion, I wanted to wait until I got a 
working, cross-platform dialog finished
and only _after_ that ask for money.  I set up a "Donate" button on my 
webpage which is:


The "Donate" link navigates to an ssl page on my host 
(https://jwilkes.nfshost.com) and uses the Stripe API
so payment info never touches my server.[2]

If people have other payment methods they'd like to use to show support 
(cryptocurrencies, Paypal, etc.)
just email me.

***More Work***

The GUI preferences should let users save a preset color scheme, and 
should also probably let them
define their own.

Also, I know from looking at Pd-l2ork's code that the global color 
scheme conflicts with Pd-l2ork's
"per-canvas" color scheme.  In pd-extended it just replaces static tcl 
colors.  I'll work with either or
both projects to find the best way to integrate these color themes with 
their existing code.  Once
you try it out, I think you'll see that one-click color changes to all 
existing and future patches of
a running Pd-instance is very handy.

More ***More Work***:
* improve the "Put" menu array changes I made awhile back
* add methods to pdinfo, canvasinfo, and classinfo
* integrate a Xapian backend into the Search plugin for quicker and 
better search results
* test Jack, ALSA, (and Pulse) API latencies


[1] I just made up the phrase "Reverse Kickstarter" as a way to mean "do 
and complete work first, then
ask for funds".  I guess I should preemptively find a better term so 
that the Kickstarter people don't come
complaining to my inbox.  Punchender?

[2] I tried getting a "free" ssl cert for my domain but something got 
borked in the process.  It turns out
it's $50 bucks to revoke a "free" ssl cert. So rather than go down an 
infinite rabbit hole of support from
a cert company I just learned about a few weeks ago, I'm utilizing my 
host's method of doing ssl using
their domain name because a) they know (for a living) how to set up ssl, 
and b) I've had them for years
and can trust them more than companies whose certificate-granting 
business models include the words
"free" or "cheap".  (And if they don't include those words, the 
certificates are too expensive for me.)

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