[PD] Reverse Kickstarter Update

Colet Patrice colet.patrice at free.fr
Fri Jul 26 19:34:24 CEST 2013

Le 26/07/2013 19:11, Jonathan Wilkes a écrit :
> Hi List,
>      Update on the Preferences dialog window for Pd.
> * Now it has a "Help" button with a first stab at help patches for 
> "Audio", "Midi", and "GUI" prefs
> * Works in OSX and Windows as well as GNU/Linux

I've tried it out, nice work, what would happen when we choose 
'asio'(the driver list at least should be updated to see available asio 

Audio in pd still doesn't work on my windows machine, but it's the same 
thing on both vanilla and extended, if I use asio, pd stucks, all my 
other audio softwares works good.

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