[PD] portaudio callback problem [WAS:Re: PA_Terminate]

Colet Patrice colet.patrice at free.fr
Sat Jul 27 03:46:49 CEST 2013

Le 27/07/2013 00:39, Colet Patrice a écrit :
> Hello,
>  I'm trying to find out why portaudio doesn't work with my windows 
> machine.
> pd doesn't stuck anymore if I put Pa_Terminate() at the end of 
> function "static void pa_init(void)" in s_audio_pa.c
> I don't understand why Pa_Terminate() is not used anymore, it's under 
> comments in function int pa_open_audio()
> because by reading 
> http://portaudio.com/docs/v19-doxydocs/initializing_portaudio.html, I 
> see that this function must be used.

It doesn't matter anymore because I've partly resolved the problem, and 
it partly comes from portaudio...

If pa_process.c has been modified like explained in following link:


audioindev audiooutdev can be forced before declaring asio like this:

pd -audioindev 13 -audiooutdev 12 -asio

Then It's possible to know which device to use with this command:

pd -audioindev 0 -audiooutdev 0 -asio -listdev

I hope someone can rewrite PaError pa_open_callback(...) in s_audio_pa.c 
because all those problems mainly comes from this function, and asio 
will certainly work better for everyone. My guess would be about making 
sure that p_instreamparams and p_outstreamparams aren't NULL before 
starting pa_stream.



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