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I don't recall saying it wasn't possible, it's just not possible to currently "have you cake and eat it too" aka if you expect it to work like a laptop with all sorts of IO & RT audio ... it aint happening :P.

People have something working, Autostatic for instance. The problem, from what I can tell so far, is that their setups basically disable as much as possible on the pi and *only* use the usb bus for audio. That will in fact work with few dropouts. If you (and I), desire to use any sort of usb device with audio, lets say midi or ethernet or a mouse and keyboard etc, then this setup will not work without dropouts based on how the pi firmware currently works with usb.

My setup requires all sorts of usb input, so it basically will not work. Again I find this ironic considering I managed to do this with 10 year old hardware with fewer resources than the pi years ago. The pi is great for what it is, but it's not currently tuned for *real* usb audio. I'm thinking beagleboard but am hopefully biding my time until the pi folks can work in the fix.

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> @Pagano, Patrick
> Grim!! That was the next one I was about to try
> Have you guys seen this
> http://createdigitalmusic.com/2013/07/roll-your-own-looper-cheap-raspberry-pi-pd-korg-monotron-hands-on/
> Its at least a proof of concept but he has given no information about what hardware he has used. I'll keep hunting and keep you guys informed

Dan Wilcox

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