[PD] Building Pd App on OSX

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Might be related to this: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10111987/xcode-build-error-arm-apple-darwin11-gcc-4-2-1-execvp-no-such-file-or-director?rq=1

You probably need to explictly set CC. See this script which sets the ENV variables based on the SDK root: https://github.com/danomatika/apothecary/blob/master/scripts/apothecary/formulas/tess2/ios/build_ios.sh
On Jul 28, 2013, at 10:14 PM, Jonathan Wilkes <jancsika at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Thanks.  I've got the xcode-select and -isysroot pointing at the correct location.
> Any ideas on the error I'm getting (below)?
> -Jonathan
> cd ../obj;  cc -Wl -framework CoreAudio -framework AudioUnit -framework AudioToolbox -framework Carbon -framework CoreMIDI -arch i386 -arch ppc  -o ../bin/pd g_canvas.o g_graph.o g_text.o g_rtext.o g_array.o g_template.o g_io.o g_scalar.o g_traversal.o g_guiconnect.o g_readwrite.o g_editor.o g_all_guis.o g_bang.o g_hdial.o g_hslider.o g_mycanvas.o g_numbox.o g_toggle.o g_vdial.o g_vslider.o g_vumeter.o m_pd.o m_class.o m_obj.o m_atom.o m_memory.o m_binbuf.o m_conf.o m_glob.o m_sched.o s_main.o s_inter.o s_file.o s_print.o s_loader.o s_path.o s_entry.o s_audio.o s_midi.o s_utf8.o d_ugen.o d_ctl.o d_arithmetic.o d_osc.o d_filter.o d_dac.o d_misc.o d_math.o d_fft.o d_array.o d_global.o d_delay.o d_resample.o x_arithmetic.o x_connective.o x_interface.o x_midi.o x_misc.o x_time.o x_acoustics.o x_net.o x_qlist.o x_gui.o x_list.o d_soundfile.o s_midi_pm.o s_audio_pa.o s_audio_paring.o ../portaudio/src/common/pa_allocation.o ../portaudio/src/common/pa_converters.o ../portaudio/src/common/pa_cpuload.o ../portaudio/src/common/pa_dither.o ../portaudio/src/common/pa_front.o ../portaudio/src/common/pa_process.o ../portaudio/src/common/pa_stream.o ../portaudio/src/common/pa_trace.o ../portaudio/src/common/pa_debugprint.o ../portaudio/src/common/pa_ringbuffer.o ../portaudio/src/os/unix/pa_unix_util.o ../portaudio/src/os/mac_osx/pa_mac_hostapis.o ../portaudio/src/hostapi/coreaudio/pa_mac_core.o ../portaudio/src/hostapi/coreaudio/pa_mac_core_blocking.o ../portaudio/src/hostapi/coreaudio/pa_mac_core_utilities.o ../portmidi/pm_mac/pmmac.o ../portmidi/pm_mac/pmmacosxcm.o ../portmidi/pm_common/pmutil.o ../portmidi/pm_common/portmidi.o ../portmidi/porttime/ptmacosx_cf.o d_fft_mayer.o d_fftroutine.o  -ldl -lm -lpthread
> clang: warning: unknown warning option '-Wl'
> llvm-gcc-4.2: error trying to exec '/usr/bin/../llvm-gcc-4.2/bin/powerpc-apple-darwin11-llvm-gcc-4.2': execvp: No such file or directory
> clang: error: linker (via gcc) command failed with exit code 255 (use -v to see invocation)
> make: *** [../bin/pd] Error 255
> macintosh-3:src David$ xcode-select -print-path
> /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer/Platforms/MacOSX.platform/Developer
> Wee. You're lucky I just did a bunch of low level library compiling stuff on OSX/iOS for OpenFrameworks ... 
> On Jul 27, 2013, at 5:51 AM, pd-list-request <at> iem.at wrote:
>> From: Jonathan Wilkes <jancsika <at> yahoo.com>
>> Subject: Re: [PD] Building Pd App on OSX
>> Date: July 27, 2013 1:34:11 AM EDT
>> To: Miller Puckette <msp <at> ucsd.edu>
>> Cc: "pd-list <at> iem.at" <pd-list <at> iem.at>
>> On 07/06/2013 06:18 PM, Miller Puckette wrote:
>>> Yeah... I originally assembled it by trial and error, starting from the
>>> "Wish Shell" app and changing stuff by trial and error.  It might even
>>> be the case that the "Wish Shell.app" archive used by the script below
>>> can be replaced with your own local one... but I thought it safer to cache
>>>  copy once I had it all working.
>> After yet another wasted hour on a non-free OS,
>> some questions regarding makefile.mac:
>> * what is -O6?  It throws an error right off the bat.  (I changed it to -O3 to fix)
>> * why is there "-arch ppc" as well as i386?
> By specifying multiple architectures, OSX will build a "fat" lib that supports them in a single binary.
> i386 + ppc is the old "universal binary/lib". The new 10.7+ format is i386 + x86_64 so I'd suggest dropping the old format
> now as the vast majority of people are using newer Intel machines.
>> * Why is there -isysroot?  If I'm using Xcode 4.6 the directory
>> specified after that flag in makefile.mac doesn't exist, and I get an error
>> that stdlib.h doesn't exist.
> sysroot should point to the Mac OSX SDK location. For newer Xcodes, there is a commandline util that returns the path to the Xcode
> developer root: xcode-select -print-path. With Xcode 4.6, it returns:
> /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer
> For example, with the 10.8 SDK you can use this:
> $(xcode-select -print-path)/Platforms/MacOSX.platform/Developer/SDKs/MacOSX10.8.sdk/
> Naturally, you can do a search in that SDKs folder and choose the last one to build for the latest SDK or simply use a shell variable:
> OSX_SDK_VER=10.8
> SYSROOT=$(xcode-select -print-path)/Platforms/MacOSX.platform/Developer/SDKs/MacOSX$OSX_SDK_VER.sdk/
>> * Any hint what -isysroot should be to find something as
>> common as stdlib.h?
> Yes, it contains all of the includes and libs for that particular SDK.
>> * Is "make -f makefile.mac" supposed to compile using cc, gcc, or something else?
> gcc should be fine for now, you could target llvm-gcc if you want, but gcc isn't disappearing complete in the meantime.
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