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Jonathan Wilkes jancsika at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 30 03:59:17 CEST 2013

On 07/27/2013 04:13 AM, João Pais wrote:
> Hi,
> nice work. I just tested it on windows xp sp3, and it works. At some 
> other point I can test it on w7, and ubuntu.
> Some remarks, though, in case it interests you - or shold they be sent 
> to someone else?
> - when patching, I could open/close an object to text edit it by using 
> ctrl-return. This doesn't work here anymore. Was it replaced by 
> another key combination?

Hm, I think that was added in Pd-extended/Pd-l2ork, but maybe Pd-Vanilla 
doesn't have it.  My demo build
is based off of Vanilla so that may be why it isn't there.

> - which font are you using? it looks a bit strange'

The entire dialog, or just the headings?  I hard-coded some font for the 
headings just to get them
to be bold-- that's something I'll change now that I can test it on all 

> - alt-f doesn't work to access the file menu. it would also be clearer 
> if the shortcut keys (F, E, ...) would be underlined, as usual in 
> windows menus

Probably also something that's in Pd-extended (Pd-l2ork?) but not in 
Vanilla.  I'll check.

> - I guess autopatching is always on? didn't find a switch for it

On Vanilla, yes.

> - what does the "tidy up" command do, besides putting a comment in the 
> console? would it be better to remove it?

In Vanilla and Pd-extended, nearly nothing.  In Pd-l2ork, it actually 
tidies up the patch by aligning
objects vertically and horizontally.  (Can't remember the method it uses 
but it seemed to work ok
in Pd-l2ork when I tested it.)

>  - it might be a bit strange to have the same preferences menu in the 
> media and file menus.

Ah yes, I meant to remove the one from the file menu.  I'll fix that.

> And then another preferences menu in Edit. I don't know anything of 
> menu design, but why not:
>   - add the path and startup sections to the preferences window

I think those sections are deprecated in Pd-extended.  Not sure about 
Pd-l2ork, Vanilla...

>   - access this window only through one menu? I guess in Media would 
> be the most traditional place, but many programs have it in Edit.

I think "Edit" is the right place on GNU/Linux and Windows, and under 
the main "apple" menu on OSX.

> - the GUI profile is a very nice idea, I've been doing it for years 
> with Hans' commands. If you want, adding font+size would make it complete.

You mean the font dialog/ font "bomb"?  I think that's per canvas, no?

> - are there any patches you would need to test specific parts of your 
> work? I might be able to help with that, since I can't program C or tcl/tk

A patch with all the iemguis, text, object boxes, and message boxes is 
sufficient to test the GUI settings.  For the others, if you try to do 
normal audio/midi work and let me know if you hit a snag.

> On startup I get the console output:
> midiin: windows: not supported
> sysexin: windows: not supported
> setting SO_BROADCAST
> rmstopow~
> ... couldn't create
> powtorms~
> ... couldn't create
> scalar
> ... couldn't create
> scope~
> ... couldn't create
> warning -- 'template' (pd-help-intro.pd) is obsolete; replace with 
> 'struct'

Sounds like error messages related to the patch that opens when you 
right-click "Help"
on an empty part of a patch.  Except for "setting SO_BROADCAST". Not 
sure what that
relates to.


> 2013/7/26 Jonathan Wilkes <jancsika at yahoo.com <mailto:jancsika at yahoo.com>>
>     On 07/26/2013 04:39 PM, Colet Patrice wrote:
>         Le 26/07/2013 20:53, Jonathan Wilkes a écrit :
>             I just tested my demo buid using asio via port audio with
>             the "Test Audio and MIDI" patch and it seems to work.
>         what system are you using? Mine is windows vista home premium SP2.
>     Mine is Windows XP Service Pack 3.
>     I can test later on a Windows Vista system.
>     -Jonathan
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