[PD] Reverse Kickstarter Update

João Pais jmmmpais at googlemail.com
Tue Jul 30 13:36:05 CEST 2013

>> - which font are you using? it looks a bit strange'
> The entire dialog, or just the headings?  I hard-coded some font for the  
> headings just to get them
> to be bold-- that's something I'll change now that I can test it on all  
> platforms.

Actually I meant the patch. Your windows looked quite good. Maybe another  
vanilla issue.

>> - I guess autopatching is always on? didn't find a switch for it
> On Vanilla, yes.

ah, ok. I personally don't find it a good idea to force autopatch on the  
user, but I don't use vanilla.

>> And then another preferences menu in Edit. I don't know anything of  
>> menu design, but why not:
>>  - add the path and startup sections to the preferences window
> I think those sections are deprecated in Pd-extended.  Not sure about  
> Pd-l2ork, Vanilla...

the path window is still on 043-4 ext

>> - the GUI profile is a very nice idea, I've been doing it for years  
>> with Hans' commands. If you want, adding font+size would make it  
>> >>complete.
> You mean the font dialog/ font "bomb"?  I think that's per canvas, no?

the usual font dialog seems to affect a whole patch.

>> - are there any patches you would need to test specific parts of your  
>> work? I might be able to help with that, since I can't program C or  
>> >>tcl/tk
> A patch with all the iemguis, text, object boxes, and message boxes is  
> sufficient to test the GUI settings.  For the others, if you try to do  
> normal audio/>midi work and let me know if you hit a snag.

ok, although I don't program for vanilla. my normal patches will surely  
run into problems with this version.
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