[PD] Reverse Kickstarter Update

Jamie Bullock jamie at jamiebullock.com
Wed Jul 31 20:13:39 CEST 2013

On 31 Jul 2013, at 17:07, Martin Peach <martin.peach at sympatico.ca> wrote:

>> I think you should design what you think is the best UI for humans, and then figure out how to make the business logic robust enough to handle problematic cases like the one you describe above as and when they arise.
> What if someone wants to change two or more settings without having them activated until all is correct? On the Mac network settings you have an "apply" button so you can change multiple things without getting stupid error messages because it's only half set up...

That makes sense (kind of) for Network Settings because there's a degree of mutual interdependence between the settings — although I'd still prefer no "apply" (iOS doesn't have one for example).

But in the case of audio / MIDI prefs the settings are independent once you've selected driver and device, so users explicitly wanting _not_ to apply a setting immediately seems like an unlikely corner case to me.


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