[PD] pd on web: odds and ends

Jonathan Wilkes jancsika at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 2 23:31:55 CEST 2013

Hi list,
      A few questions:

1) Where is pdpedia?  Is it dead?

2) With webpd: does it ignore objects that won't create?  Two
a) it would make it possible for me to integrate webpd into a future 
Pdpedia and
have it work (more or less) for the help patches of internal objects
b) that would seem to fit the spirit of a web API

3) Does webpd use both Mozilla's audio api and webkit's web audio API?  A
demo patch seemed to work ok in Mozilla nightly build without any tweak,
which was nice.

I think I can get a kind of "Frankenstein" improved Pdpedia going:
* there's a canvas-to-svg tcl program that I can use to get svgs of
every PDDP help patch.
* get Pdpedia to insert webpd script link in each page, then all I need 
is some
sort of play/pause controls and a good number of the signal help patches
should be able to produce sound
* maybe insert a link for the Pd patch source

Then even without javascript enabled, someone should be able to browse
online and see the patch, and even cut and paste some text from it on

Ideally, the svg generation would be automated so we could update/fix
help patches and the corresponding svg would get the updates.


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