[PD] netiquette (and the phenomenology of learning Pd)

Joe Deken newblankets at newblankets.org
Thu Sep 5 04:45:59 CEST 2013

If you are interested about "how people learn Pd" it is informative to
peruse the video of Miller's introductory course for undergraduates at UCSD,
possibly also the written transcript of the course and all the patches
which Miller developed and used in presenting his lectures

  * http://pd-la.info/pd-media/miller-puckette-mus171-videos/
  * http://newblankets.org/MUS171_supplements/MUS171_objects_used.pdf
  * http://newblankets.org/Miller/MUS_171_patches.zip

Apropos the thread of the "subject:" line here --  One thing that struck
me was the repeated number of times that the question of scaling appears
Miller's lectures, and how long it takes (at least for a portion of the
audience) until the algebra/mechanics of the scaling formula become at all
familiar, or feel "natural" to these students, if ever.   It seems to me
that many people have been mis-educated in mathematics, and have an uphill
battle to incorporate any formula into their thinking -- even if the
formula has only a few steps and just a few variables involved.

To watch Miller's lectures and know/appreciate this fact about "simple
formulas" seems worthwhile knowledge about Puredata and about math/science
education in general.

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