[PD] Loading/modifying some PD files causing computer restart

Charles Goyard cg at fsck.fr
Mon Sep 9 10:21:13 CEST 2013


I noticed that on my computer too a few months back. I had the same
problem with Audacity and Kicad (both wxwidgets apps).

For what I understand, this has been tracked down to a bug in the Intel
driver in conjunction with a Xorg bug when using unaccelerated graphics.
But I may be wrong.

So first, double check you are using hardware acceleration. I thought I
was and I wasn't for months :).

Antonio Roberts wrote:
> I recently got a Dell XPS 13 Developer edition running Ubuntu 13.04
> (Intel Ivybridge Mobile driver) and have tried using pd-extended
> 0.43.4 64 on it. For the most part it runs fine. However, I've noticed
> that in some situations, such as an old patch not being able to find
> external abstractions, it causes the screen to go black and then log
> me out. This also happens in some patches when I try to type in the
> name of a new object on the canvas.
> I'm not exactly sure what is causing this. I've attached a patch that
> I grabbed from the list which causes a restart when I try to type in a
> new object

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