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Mon Sep 9 16:53:03 CEST 2013

It's not that the RPI doesn't support OpenGL, it's that it's using OpenGL ES which drops some of the earlier GL 1.1 api, mainly intermediate mode. GEM can/will work fine on RPI if it's api is updated a bit to support ES (or through an emulation layer like glshim). This is a good idea in the long term anyway, since newer implementations of GL (3.3+) are also dropping support for the "old way" of doing things.

I've long thought that GEM could be ported to work on iOS, but I haven't had a need for it so haven't looked into it. In that case, there would need to be some function wrapping to support the old GL API, but this has already been done in libraries like OpenFrameworks, so they could be used as a template. Simple things like using a vertex array when setting vertex points in intermediate mode, etc ...

If the Udoo board has a regular GL 1.1, 2+ stack then it should work fine with GEM without any changes ... except that, unlike the RPI, it will require running X11 in order to use XGL. OpenFrameworks on the RPI, for instance, uses GLES without X11 and thereby doesn't waste resources on the windowing system. In my experience with embedded Linux system, it's best to ditch X if you truly do not need it. ON my old setup, X took almost 100 MB of ram on my 256 MB system. Running my custom SDL visual app directly to the framebuffer took only 1 couple of MBs by comparison.

Then again, embedded systems nowadays have more and more resources to burn so it may work without having to be frugal. (although efficiency is still important IMO).

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> hello friends,
> i'm very keen to try GEM/openGL on a Udoo board (http://udoo.org) which DOES support OpenGL.
> if anyone is up for trying it i can provide you with a board to try on.
> should be a load of fun :)
> ali

Dan Wilcox

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