[PD] age old multichannel sound card question...

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Fri Sep 13 05:30:48 CEST 2013

Am 13.09.2013 um 01:34 schrieb peiman khosravi <peimankhosravi at gmail.com>:
> I think the RME USB and firewire interfaces don't work on linux unfortunately. Or at least that's what I was told. 

I guess that should read: the RME interfaces which have both: USB AND FW ports on the same device.

While the FireWire doesn't seem to be working on those devices with ffado yet, the devices can be set to the USB Class Complinant (CC) mode. A bug in alsa prevented USB2 Class Compliant interfaces to work at all. That has been fixed since.

It sucks a lot that you can't use all the fancy effects on the Fireface when using it in class compliant mode. Also only one lonely control (the master volume) gets exposed in ALSA mixer. I am not sure if this is a limitation of the USB Audio Class definition or laziness on the behalf or RME. I also don't understand why RME allows you to control the TotalMix software via OSC - it would make much more sense if one could send the OSC messages directly to the device, enabling all the functions also in CC mode.

The (current) OSC implementation of TotalMix is awkward to say the least. http://www.rme-audio.de/forum/viewtopic.php?id=18177

I would not bother any more with FireWire, since this interface is already dead or will be dead soon. (That is if you are buying new hardware, computer or soundcard, today.)

And for the record:
Fireface 400 and Fireface 800 are listed as Full Support on the ffado page:

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