[PD] [refloat?] Worse performance with -nogui.

Mario Mey mariomey at gmail.com
Sat Sep 14 00:40:59 CEST 2013

Sorry for re-floating this thread... but only Claude answer it and he 
was talking about previous version of Pd, so, it doesn't apply in my 
Pd-Extende version. I paste again the mail:

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Asunto: 	Worse performance with -nogui.
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Two issues:

First at all, when trying my patch (MEH-SYSTEM) with -nogui option, I
was having a "Segment fault"... untill I discovered that the "Robot" FX,
from RJDJ was turning DSP on.... and DSP was already on (was turned on
with a [loadbang]-[delay 2000]). This crashed Pd. Maybe a bug...?

Attempting to save some CPU (-nogui option), I started using the patch
and recorded all the sample banks... then, a lot of noisy clicks started
to appear. If I mute all the banks, the clicks are there, at low volume
but very audible.

Then, I realized that that noise is there only with -nogui option. Using
GUI, it sounds great. Is this a known issue? Because I expected to have
the opposite result...

I'm using Pd-Extended 0.43.4, Ubuntu 12.04, Jackd (Jack2?) with
256frames, 2periods, 48000, PulseAudio uninstalled, with a USB soundcard
(Encore ENMAB-8CM). It does the same noise with the integrated soundcard.

Here is the WIP (last version: 0.91):

If I can give you any other information, just ask for it.

EDIT: I'm trying to get no noise, because I'm trying to use 128 frames 
in Jack, instead of 256, to get less latency.
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