[PD] TouchOSC makes Pd crash, on UbuntuStudio, not in Ubuntu

Mario Mey mariomey at gmail.com
Sun Sep 15 01:28:48 CEST 2013

Martin Peach, I read somewhere that changing pages in TouchOSC makes Pd 
(or Pd-Ext) to crash. My Pd-Extended doesn't crash, but this error is 
shown: "* routeOSC: ignoring empty list...".

Today, I've installed Ubuntu Studio 12.04.3 (with lowlatency kernel). It 
seemed that it was a good distro for my use... but switching pages DOES 
make Pd-Extended to crash. I reported-suggested this in this thread: 
http://hexler.net/forum/viewthread/992/, where I wrote some other info, 
maybe usefull.

The config where it doesn't crash:

/Ubuntu 12.04, Kernel 3.2.0-49-generic, Pd-Extended 0.43.4 (download 
from PPA as the Pure Data page says), jackdmp 1.9.8...//
The other config:

/Ubuntu Studio 12.04.3, Kernel 3.2.0-51-lowlatency, same Pd-Extended 
version, Jack that came with UbuntuStudio (don't know wich version)/

Any other information that could be useful to fix this? Like I wrote in 
the thread, I suggested TouchOSC that it should send non-empty lists. 
But, TouchOSC is closed-code... so, there's no easy feedback.

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