[PD] TouchOSC makes Pd crash, on UbuntuStudio, not in Ubuntu

Mario Mey mariomey at gmail.com
Mon Sep 16 23:54:58 CEST 2013

Now, I'm on Ubuntu 12.04 and I realized that I have a very old version 
of mrpeach folder (routeOSC-help says: "2008/09/17 Martin Peach") and Pd 
was configured to use it. That's why Pd doesn't crash after sending that 
message from TouchOSC. In console, it only shows:

* routeOSC: ignoring empty list...

Luckily I didn't delete that folder and still use it. I'll try to 
compile Matthias version now... but, by doubts, I will keep that 
no-crash old version.

El 16/09/13 18:22, Matthias Kronlachner escribió:
> ok its even more simple than that..
> a |bang( crashes routeOSC :-)
> and a bang is sent to the outlet of routeOSC if a message has no 
> argument...
> On 9/16/13 11:51 PM, Martin Peach wrote:
>> OK, thanks for this.
>> Any idea what the message is that is causing the crash?
>> Is it valid OSC?
>> Martin 

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