[PD] Sum of delays...

Mario Mey mariomey at gmail.com
Tue Sep 24 01:44:15 CEST 2013

Your router.pd is the one I was looking for for the router connection. 
Because I had done a dozens-of-wires connection... a mess. I use that 
technics, now, it is beautifull. Thank you.

Now, about latency... I'll try using only connections as you say. Now, I 
have to make another question...

My patch has some controls (buttons, toggles, faders, pads...) that are 
there to test, because, when I use the patch, I control everything with 
a tablet. I don't use keyboard, nor mouse, nor notebook display. Only 
tablet. But, these controls must be there to test. And, as the 
screencapture shows, all the controls are inside the abstracts and 
subpatchs. The router is inside [pd on-a]. Now, the question...

Is it better to have controls outside the audio-working abstracts and 
subpatches? I mean, having abstracts and subpatches without GOP and 
having all the buttons connected with send and receive from properties? 
I hate this method... but, if it is better...

Because, if this method is what I have to use, it is a little (big) job 
to make all the controls outside... but I can easily put the abstracts 
(without GOP) inside the router, with only connections, without s~ and r~.

What do you think or what is recommended for this?

PD: Using latency-tester.pd, from Katja, I realized that my patch has 
~7ms addiotional.

El 20/09/13 10:13, Frank Barknecht escribió:
> Hi Mario,
> if you can I would prefer to patch with direct connections as it may make
> things clearer. Attach is a little sketch (router.pd) which uses no
> signal-sends and -receives at all, so you can be sure to have no delays
> introduced. Still you can route all over - but of course feedback paths are not
> possible.
> Ciao
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