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yes, exactly what I was thinking about. thanks Ivica.


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On Mon, Sep 23, 2013 at 4:53 AM, Ivica Ico Bukvic <ico at vt.edu> wrote:

> FWIW, the latest pd-l2ork release has a “-unique” flag (disabled by
> default) so whenever you open a new file by double-clicking inside a file
> browser, it will open it inside an existing instance (if any) or spawn a
> new instance (if none). Spawning instances with –unique flag will force
> creation of a new instance.****
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> That's useful, but up until recently you had to create a second instance
> of Pd from the command line anyway, since OSX would show you the instance
> you already had if you tried to open it from the operating system.
> Or...have I missed the point? My friend and collaborator always needs two
> Pd's, one for Gemnotes and one for audio processing, to play my
> musioc...and we wrote a BASH script to launch the gemnotes one after the
> audio one was set up.****
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> well, personally most times, when developing, I need to create
> abstractions and use global variables just to experiment with stuff. And if
> two instances of Pd are opened when you don't want it, it can be very
> annoying.****
> Even worst scenario when you are teaching, student might open 4 patches at
> a time, and as 4 Pd instances are launched, and it's a mess.****
> I always wondered whether we could have a flag in Pd GUI that set this
> kind of configuration. Like, "always open a new Pd instance", "always use
> one Pd only"... something like that. imho it would be useful.****
> cheers,
> M****
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