[PD] tanh() or a compressor?

Mario Mey mariomey at gmail.com
Thu Oct 3 05:38:29 CEST 2013


El 01/10/13 17:28, katja escribió:
> Did you try [zexy/limiter~]? It's not so CPU-intensive. Isn't that 
> what you want: only attenuate the sounds which exceed a limit, and 
> leave the rest untouched?
*This is the one.* After trying with its LIMIT, CRACK and COMPRESS 
options, LIMIT just does the trick. I don't know if it is the "perfect" 
solution, but I can "see" a good result saving to 32bits file and open 
it in Audacious, as you see in the attached image. And it spends 1% of CPU.

El 30/09/13 23:58, i go bananas escribió:
> if the kick is not compressing properly, then one idea might be to 
> lowpass filter the signal that goes to the compressor's detection 
> stage.  that way, you'd filter out a lot of the energy from the hats, 
> snares, etc.
I put [0\-[lop~] just before [pd amp-factor] and try all values... but 
the peaks are still there. I don't understand why the first peak is 
always there... Can't be detected at the right time to compress it, 
because of the window?

El 01/10/13 11:38, Antoine Villeret escribió:
> if CPU is a matter, you could try to use an external analog (or 
> digital) compressor (and an eq) between your mic and your soudcard.
Well... I'm looking for a cheap way to do it. As I told Charles, my 
country economy is not favorable. The idea is not to buy a compressor 
device... or an EQ... or a new computer... or a new microphone... or...
> The table display in Pd is linear while sound intensity feeling is 
> logarithmic, so it's not surprising to have such peaks.
Well, that explains why is so different between the vocal and the kicks. 
But it is still a bit confusing to me to understand logarithmic against 
linear. Also, I would like to "see" a logarithmic table display. Maybe a 
linear to log signal conversion only for represent sound? I should be 
something already done...
> When you try to write value > 1 to disk or to output it, it's clipped 
> to 1.
I discovered "-bytes 4" (32 bits) flag on [soundfiler]. So, it saves 
almost all the information.

Thanks everyone!
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