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On the topic of arduino controllers--I recently listened to a presentation
at the Kansas City Open Hardware Group meeting about Motate.  It's an
arduino library (and someday a board).

The author was motivated to write the library for motor control, but it's
still applicable to bit-banging in general.  He said that his code could
reduce the number of clock cycles it takes to toggle an I/O (paraphrased).
I haven't dived in too deep, or figured out a test for it--but I thought
I'd bring it up, regarding the difficulty with higher fps rates.


On Thu, Oct 3, 2013 at 5:54 AM, Charles Goyard <cg at fsck.fr> wrote:

> Hi,
> Alvin Google wrote:
> > I am writing a proposal to use Pure-Data to control LED panels that
> > would light part of a rock quarry. The panels should both illuminate
> > and show pixelated imagery (the resolution dependent on the quality
> > of LEDs). I would looking for the cheapest and easiest solution. It
> > has to be visible at some distance so the panel size would have to
> > be at least 2 x 3 meters. This sort of application is completed new
> > to me and any and all advise would be super helpful..
> It depends heavily on whether your want still images or animation.
> If you want animation, the difficulty grows with the fps rate.
> Ie if you want 1 fixed picture per 10 seconds, you can hack something
> out of an arduino + i2c adressable led strips (check on hackaday.com for
> hardware sources ; have a look at the peggy 2.0 board).
> If you want video, ask Chinese factories that make video displays with
> LED curtains. Then you can hook up a VGA signal into your LED display.
> It's rather hard to DIY and certaintly not a beginner project.
> Hope this helps,
> --
> Charlot
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