[PD] Legal restrictions for apps

Miller Puckette msp at ucsd.edu
Fri Oct 4 21:50:08 CEST 2013

> My vote would be to keep all the original GPL licenses in Pd vanilla's
> expr, and to remove the LGPL readme.  GPL was the licensed under
> which expr was originally released, so we can reasonably assume all the
> copyright holders agreed to that license.
> If the consensus was that it should be changed in order to accomodate
> Pure Data builds on IOS, then everyone who wants to use expr on IOS
> should pool their resources and hire a lawyer to explain what is and
> isn't allowed under the LGPL and Apple's TOS.  The lawyer should also
> find out if it was indeed possible to change the license to LGPL in light
> of what Miller brings up about the original licensing.
> That's two unknowns wrt LGPL expr, and they won't be solved by
> revising the source nor IANAL discussions.
> Best,
> Jonathan

Cheaper and simpler than talking to lawyers would be simply to write a new
compatible one.  On the way it could export an API so that other objects
could evaluate expressions (you could embed them in messages, make a Max-like
'if', maybe have a thing that creates objects with expr-calculated creation
arguments, etc).


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