[PD] Direct-from-disk audio with position, loop, varispeed

Mario Mey mariomey at gmail.com
Wed Oct 9 18:20:54 CEST 2013

Sorry, guys, for entering in this thread without reading all the mails. 
But I want to ask you something.

I use readsf~ to read a speaking recorded files, sounds and songs (some 
songs are 3 or 5 minutes long, but there's one of 20, so, I thought 
readsf~ was better that put the files into arrays).

Readsf~ gives no information about the time, and it would be very 
usefull for me to synch with an animation in BlenderGameEngine.

Also, yet, I don't know if readsf~ is the one that makes noises when 
BlenderPlayer is rendering in 3D in full screen. I just thought that the 
computer can't process that 3D rendering and has Jack with low latency. 
Maybe readsf~ is the problem...

Anyway, I wanted to ask you about readsf~:

Is readsf~ stable?
Does it consume so much CPU?
Is there any other object better to use? Maybe the one you are talking 
about in this thread...

I don't need to varispeed, for example. Just read files, play and know 
its position in time. And low CPU consumption.


PD1: I'm on Ubuntu 12.04.
PD2: what about THREADLIB and SNDFILER to open files in a different 
thread? Do they work? http://grh.mur.at/software/threadlib.html and 

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