[PD] [PD-announce] pdp 0.14.0

Tom Schouten tom at zwizwa.be
Tue Oct 15 15:26:46 CEST 2013

> btw, is 3dp supposed to work?
> loading "pdp_opengl" gives me an error "undefined symbol:
> pdp_xwindow_create_on_display".
> indeed this symbol is used (and even exported via pdp_xwindow.h) but
> nowhere implemented.

in pdp 0.14.0, pdp/opengl is not yet ported to zl.

last weekend i added a rough draft in my darcs repo, just getting the 
old code the point of compilation on top of zl.

it "does something" but probably needs some fixes.  a merge with the 3D 
code in pf is next.

further tests might expose the glx window close problem as they now use 
the same code.

for contribs, would it help if I convert the repo format to git and put 
it on github?
i was never a fan of svn, but git i can live with..

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