[PD] [PD-announce] pdp 0.14.0

Tom Schouten tom at zwizwa.be
Wed Oct 16 00:52:35 CEST 2013

>> it "does something" but probably needs some fixes.  a merge with
>> the 3D code in pf is next.
> i don't know what "does something" means, but it sounds like a good start.

Most of it seems to work but I'm not sure if the scale / projection 
parameters are correct.

Some of the examples do not look like I remember them, but then 
comparing with the last couple of releases does seem to give similar 

>> further tests might expose the glx window close problem as they now
>> use the same code.
> that might have been a false alarm.
> i haven't been able to reproduce the problem now on two different
> machines (one with an intel gfx card, the other with nvidia drivers);
> the machine with the ati-radeon card might have a different problem.

I've also noticed rare, hard to reproduce problems with X / GLX so 
there's probably something not right.

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