[PD] Pd-l2ork running on OSX

Dan Wilcox danomatika at gmail.com
Sat Oct 26 01:19:00 CEST 2013

Ok. Just playing around a little and noticed:

* there are 2 "Preferences" menu options in the Pd menu, the first works and is a folder with further options while the second "Preferences..." doesn't do anything.

* the Media menu has a couple empty sections with remaining separators where the Audio & Midi settings options used to be

* the put menu is empty when the main pd window is active, while Pd-extended simply greys out the menu options. The Put menu is then populated after selecting a canvas window.

* the Search Browser works and is noticeably faster than the last time I tried it, but the search result links don't work for me. Navigating with links on the Home page do work.

* I'm not a fan of the separate console window .. yet another window floating around, but that's not a huge deal

* dosen't have the nice icon that pd-extended has :D also, pd-lork should consider using something similar to the nice About patch in Pd-extended.

Oh, there are so many improvements in pd-lork! So nice. I hope most if not all of these make their way into vanilla. The gui performance is much better, although I like the Pd-extended main console window better. The patch cords are obviously nicer, although I like the straight lines in Pd-extended better with anti-aliasing off, however that's just a niggle.

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> Apropos:
> Here's a first attempt at getting Pd-l2ork up and running on OSX:
> https://jwilkes.nfshost.com/Pd-l2ork.app.zip

Dan Wilcox

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