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> Since I'm on a mailing spree: how can I make a pd version of slide~ (MSP),
> which, according to the msp reference, is a logarithmic lowpass filter for
> smoothing envelops. Anything similar will do. I'm using vline~ for now to
> smooth out midi faders but it doesn't feel quite the same.
> And on a related subject: what is the best way to create an exponential
> signal ramp?
[vline~] is not a lowpass filter, so I guess you use [vline~] to control
a signal controlled lowpass filter. To make this exponentional you could
connect [vline~] to the right inlet of [pow~] and make sure the output of
[vline~] is [0-1] (and never exceeds 1). Then choose your range (e.g.
[500-1000]). Connect [sig~ 2] to the left inlet of [pow~] and multiply the
output by 500. To scale the range, just use [*~] or [/~] and never [+~] or
[-~], for you're working on an exponential scale. This means that an output
of 0 is impossible, so for a logarithmic amplitude control choose a very
large range (e.g. 1-100000) and divide the output by the same value to get
the range [1/100000-1].

Hope this helps.
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