[PD] pix_imageInPlace path wildcards

Rosenstock, Joshua jrosen at WPI.EDU
Tue Oct 29 03:00:49 CET 2013

Hello folks.

I'm using a pix_imageInPlace object and trying to load a sequence of files. My files are named pic01.tif through pic12.tif. 

If I try to do [preload pic0*.tif 12] I get an error "Unable to find filename pic10.tif." 

If I try [preload pic*.tif 12] I get the error as unable to find pic0.tif.

Obviously there's something wrong with my use of the wildcard * and 0s. How is it supposed to work?

When I do [preload pic0*.tif 9] it works fine but only loads the 1st 9 images! How can I load more than 9 frames?!

Thanks for your help.


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