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The CICM is pleased to share the first release of HoaLibrary for Pure Data.

HoaLibrary is a collection of C++ classes, FAUST functions and objects for
Pure Data, Max and VST destined to high order Ambisonics sound reproduction.

HoaLibrary allows musicians and composers to synthesize, transform and
render sound fields in a creative and artistic way. This library
facilitates the understanding and the appropriation of key concepts of
Ambisonics. Thanks to original graphical interfaces a lot of new signal
processings are allowed like diffuse sound field synthesis, perspective
distortion or spatial filtering.

HoaLibrary is free, open-source and made available by CICM, the centre
of research
on musical composition and computer science of the Paris 8 University.


hoa.decoder~ : An ambisonic decoder (ambisonic, binaural, irregular

hoa.encoder~ : An ambisonic encoder.

hoa.map~ : An ambisonic sources spatializer.

hoa.delay~ : An ambisonic sound field delay.

hoa.freeverb~ : An implementation of the freeverb algorithm for Ambisonics.

hoa.grain~ : An ambisonic granular synthesizer.

hoa.map : A GUI to spatialize sources on a map.

hoa.meter~ : A circular meter with sound field descriptor.

hoa.optim~ : An ambisonic sound field optimization.

hoa.pi : A good pi number.

hoa.projector~ : A plane wave decomposer.

hoa.recomposer~ : A plane wave recomposer to harmonics domain.

hoa.ringmod~ : An ambisonic sound field ring modulation.

hoa.rotate~ : An ambisonic sound field rotation external.

hoa.scope~ : An ambisonic harmonic scope.

hoa.space : A GUI to design ambisonic space.

hoa.space~ : A plane wave spatial filter.

hoa.wider~ : An ambisonic fractional orders simulator.





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