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> But "people" aren't going to write a gui for Pd.  There is already libpd and I don't see a bunch of elegant and efficient Pd frontends sprouting up because of that.  (Though I'm sure there are a lot of projects that do cool things with it.)

The main reason for this is that we haven't pulled out the gui elements yet. There isn't yet an interface in libpd to edit the object graph and I'm not sure where the plans are on that. Once it's there I'm sure we could see some interesting things. I imagine I could add patch editing to PdParty using Objective-C in about a week or two if I had such an interface.

I agree with both Han's point that a long term goal of cleanly separating the gui from the dsp is what we want. At the same time, I agree with Jonathan in that we shouldn't abandon/neglect what's already here and working. The overall plan, as far as I know, is once there is a clean separation the dsp core from the gui, the pd tcl/tk app would then be updated to use libpd.

As for when that would happen, who knows? Anyone want to hire Jonathan, Hans, me, etc at a research lab to do it? I'll be available in the spring :D

Dan Wilcox

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